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 Dear person with the little brother and T.V problem,
    I have advice for you.... Take turns watching the t.v.  If your little brother does not go to school... your little brother can watch what he wants to watch when your at school. Then when you get home, say to you little brother, it's my turn to watch t.v. Or if your little brother does go to school... elementary school, make a schedule... like your little brother watches t.v. at 5:00 to 5:30 and you watch t.v at 6:00 to 6:30.But that's a example. You could also ask your parents for help on the schedule!
That's my advice!
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Dear Amelia,
My little brother and I disagree on what t.v. programs to watch. How can we make it fair?
Hey People Who Clicked Take Amelia's Advice,
I assume you can here to take my advice. Well, If you have, GOOD FOR YOU!  I help people dicide what to do all the time. So, you have two options... Blog you're needed advice if you want or don't care if you problem is seen OR  you can email me you're problem with your first and last name in subject  so you're needed advice is not seen.
So, have fun!
Thanks! Start bloging your problems!
~Amelia Suez~
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