Seen Selena's Hair cut?

Selena has a new hair cut and ever since summer! Her hair cut still remains! Selena has some rocking Hair! Just look at the picture! "I like to keep things cool and going! Example: My haircut!" Selena says.What's not to like about this incredible teenager?Cute to cuter! Yes, I'm a girl! It's a good girl citizenship-ness of girls! Even some girls at  school have her fabulous hair cut! Selena, I know you are probably aren't reading this, but if you are, I Love your hair style and your songs! Now you have seen Selena's cut!

Rats are a big thang!

 This is a rat. A big rat  is a cuddly rat. Most rats are nice. You should try to convince your parents to buy rats for you
or else. I'm kidding. But you should try to buy some rats unless you have bad alergies. Buy some of these sweet rats!

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