What's up with people these days?

Well, people today are into... MUSIC VIDEOS! You see
if you go to youtube and search up: Chixinc99... you'll see the latest updates of videos we have made! Those videos were mostly made up when a BIG slumber party accured! Well, you see, We had... Jame,  Kelly and Danellie over! Also, the slumber party accured right after a GREAT basketball game... my basketball game, That the Wildcats... My team name in girls leauge who almost won!!! Well, if you go to some websites, there will be might be a "how to have an AWESOME slumber party!" That will be coming soon here! At unisome.weebly.com! Well, You

Merry Christmas!

GUESS WHAT? HAVE YOU GUESSED YET? WELL... IT... IS... CHRISTMAS!  Merry Christmas everyone! If you go to home (here on unisome) and find the paragraph about, an imitation of Santa Claus, a reindeer or an elf... If you can do an good imitation of  Santa, a reindeer, or an elf, you get a awesome certificate of comedy and a prize! Everyone wins! You can do the skit by yourself, with your boyfriend or girlfriend, with your friends, with your family, with a hobo! You can do the skit with anyone!
Also, if you're the 1st place you'll get to be on youtube or on Icarly.com... if you would like. Also, that goes with everyone... let me know if you don't want to be on Icarly.com or on youtube and I WON'T  do that. What I mean by first place is if you're the first person to send me, Amelia, you're video, you might be seen after an Icarly episode! ANOTHER THING, YOU COULD BECOME FAMOUS! COULD BECOME FAMOUS! ALSO... THIS IS 100% TRUE! NO JOKE THIS IS NOT SOME SCAM TO GET YOUR MONEY! THIS IS 100% TRUE! SO, SEND IN YOUR VIDEOS QUICK! AND IF YOU GO TO www.youtube.com AND PUT "Chixinc99" IN THE SEARCH BOX  SCROLL DOWN AND YOU'LL SEE... "Example of imitation for www.unisome.com!"  YOU'LL BE READY TO DO YOU'RE VIDEO AFTER THAT! SO, HAVE FUN!
P.s. I'll have to check with  the icarly cast! But it will be on youtube if you'd like.